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“Baranov steel” had been examined in 2009 by the experts of Magnitogorsk technological research center “Ausferr”. They approved that the steel corresponds to Damascus steel in its characteristics. Mr. V.Schastivtsev, the Academician and the person in charge of Department of adaptive and physical metallurgy of the the Institute of Physics considered that according to the results of tests “Baranov steel” is equal to the Damascus steel in respect of its elemental composition and inner structure.

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Since 1999 Srgey had been working as metallurgist in Zlatoust “Metaplast” plant. “We make metal, but anybody is able to do Damascus,” told the oldest metallurgist.

And that was a challenge. Furnace in own courtyard, everlasting casts… And here we are, the first significant result in 2006. There were often questions, why many people tried and failed while Anosov had described in details the process. And Sergey answers, “Anosov wrote, that a man capable in metallurgy would read interlines of my notes. And I have read”.

In 2006 the first sample of Baranov steel was given for expert evaluation to Zlatoust machine construction plant.

In 2008 the plates of Baranov steel were given to the Institute of Metallurgy Physics of the Urals department of Russian Academy of Sciences under the supervision of V.Schastivtsev. As a result, Sergey took a high grade of his work

In 2010 in collaboration with “Ausferr” and Niderland professor Katznelson Baranove steel had been proposed to Noble Prize in Physics.

In 2011 Sergey Baranov had become the Corresponding Member of Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts.

In 2011 Sergey Baranov had become a member of Russian Blacksmith Union and Zimin Academy of Forging.

We have had a long way to go raising and descending as a boat in ocean. In 2014 in collaboration with Yury Kandalov, a friend and companion, we have finally started own production. Our knives made of our Damascus.

Our team welcomes all connoisseurs of quality knives here, in this website.

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